Touch Free
Hand Sanitizer Stand F3

Sanitizer for
high traffic public areas


Match the design of the stand to your brand making it look both attractive and credible for your customers and employees.


High quality stands, pump, faucets with integrated electronics make our solutions on of the best on the market.

Simple refill

Simple and fast refill with any brand of non-proprietary hand sanitizer gel of the correct viscosity.

Perfect solution for high traffic public areas

High Level of Customization

Unique design to suit Your Brand

The perfect match

Customize the stand to suit your brand or to fit the interior design. Model F3 comes in wide colour options (over 50 colours), possibility to cover the stand with vinyl foil and even options to laser cut-out of the logo in the casing.


Stainless steel faucet with an adjustable IR sensor

STANDSON Model F3 comes with high technology faucet that is designed for a safe and comfortable free touch use. A small IR sensor is integrated in the faucets' head — it constantly checks if any object is in front of it and activates the sanitizer dispenser when required.

The delay of reaction and flow time can be adjusted for each stand separately with a help of a remote controller that is shipped along with the sanitizer stand.

The adjustable IR sensor has many advantages, including:

  • Easy setup
  • Individual setup for each stand
  • Dosage control (via flow time)

The remote controller makes it possible to adjust dispensers' sensor range, flow time, in/out delays, lock out time.

Standson high quality faucet sanitizer stand

STANDSON helps you protect the public from viruses and cross contamination

Model F3 is a customizable hand sanitizer stand which is suitable for use with any brand of hand sanitizer at the correct viscosity of up to 3800 cPs.

The model is made of robust, stable and durable high quality plywood HPL structure. The hand sanitizer stand has a chrome plated brass body and is activated in a contactless way by a concealed IR sensor that is built into the spout.

The stand has versions for batteries (allowing you to place it far away from electrical supply or move it from time to time) or transformer (12V universal transformer with options for EU/US/UK/AU plugs). There are 2 options for sanitizer dispenser capacity: 5 litre dispenser tank and 10 litre.

Non-customised hand sanitizer stand


Available for Pre-order

Non-customised hand sanitizer stand


Available for Pre-order

Non-customised hand sanitizer stand

Model F2

Available for Pre-order

Model F3

Stand Specification

975 x 420 x 290 mm / 3.2 x 0.99 x 0.66 ft

15.7 kg / 34.2 lb

Dispenser Capacity (options):
A) 5 liters / 1.3 US gallon
B) 10 liters / 2.6 US gallon

Sanitizer dispenser:
Touch-free electronic (IR operated) sanitizer dispenser for non-proprietary sanitizers (use any compatible sanitizer). Compatible with Ethanol, IPA Isopropyl, Alcohol (up to 80%), Alcogel with the correct viscosity of from 100 to up to 3800 cPs

Power Supply (options):
A) Battery box for 6 x DD batteries;
B) 12V transformer (options for EU/US/UK/AU plugs)

Remote Control (adjust sensor range, flow time, delay in, delay out, lock out time etc.)

2 years

Perfect solution for high traffic public areas

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