Custom Sanitizer Solutions

STANDSON is a medium size manufacturing company which offers high quality personal protective (PPE) equipment dispensing solutions for medium and large businesses all over the world. We are focused on creating safe, organised and efficient environments for every industry: from retail stores and hotels up to airports and seaports.

STANDSON provides hand sanitizer stand customisation to suit your business. Stands surfaces can match your brand design and even be used to advertise products. Depending on your business strategy you can either make it very vibrant and visible (recommended for public space which are unfamiliar more most visitors) or hidden within an interior (for office spaces).

STANDSON stands are produced and certified in the European Union. All of the stands come with 2 years warranty.

Worldwide Delivery

We ship worldwide. The sanitizer stands are wrapped in secure packages, custom designed for STANDSON, to keep the risk of any breakage or damage to a minimum.

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Perfect solution for high traffic public areas

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